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About Us

Who We Are

Safad Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that genuinely cares for the health & well-being of the people in the communities we serve. We have been taking care of the community since 2016. We aim to touch the lives of people across the UAE and make healthcare solutions easily accessible. We specialize in the supply of medicine and pharmaceutical products by carefully assessing and selecting the best available brands in the world to cater to our customer needs.

Our range covers categories such as Pharmacy and Healthcare, Baby Products, Cosmetics which include Skin and Hair Products, Beauty and Fashion Accessories, Nutrition and Fitness supplements, personal care, Medical Instruments and more.

We are constantly working towards improving our store experience, delivery network, and overall customer service.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Safad Pharmacy’s mission is to provide you with prime products and pharmacy services at a most reasonable price that will help in your recovery, and effective healthcare management. That is why we employ the most qualified professionals in our team to fulfill your healthcare needs.
  • Our vision is to be the most prominent name in our community for being innovative and providing unparalleled patient care and wellbeing programs, as well as being recognized as a provider of specialty patient-care pharmaceutical and hospital products. We believe that the company’s success depends largely on having a competent, involved, cooperative, and skillfully managed team. Which is why we continuously develop and optimize our business strategy in order to meet our clients’ and business partners’ needs to the fullest degree.